Build beautiful and impactful ads of any size with ease, whether you’re a novice or expert. Power and manage ads across desktop, smartphone and tablets with one platform.


Manage the design, production, testing and launch phases with an integrated workflow tool. Drive efficient communication to minimize errors and release premium ad products in less time.


Update live ads with timely and relevant content to optimize campaign performance. Control all aspects of ad creative in real-time across all platforms.

Experience the difference

Proven Technology

Pictela is built on ADTECH’s award winning ad serving technology and powers AOL and Huffington Post premium ad products exclusively.

Efficiency and Scale

Utilize turnkey templates, such as IAB Rising Star, or build your own unique ad templates to any specification and reuse them for multiple campaigns.

Client Service

Access a dedicated and experienced account team who will help with setup, training and support to ensure you maximize your creative potential.